5 pairs of Nike sport shoes that are in trend this year

Nike, the leader of the footwear industry demands that attention by the product that it launches throughout the year. Nike, ever since its conception and founding in 1964 has delivered what can be claimed as the best that your feet can get. Nike, time and again has proved that it is the name that can be trusted even blindly when it comes to footwear. The company has mostly come up with pieces that have been trendsetters in the footwear section. The company has gone out of its league and experimented many a times and emerged more glorious than they were earlier. The swoosh brand, this year as well has transformed the footwear industry with its very attractive yet immensely comfortable products. The best you can shop now is a pair of nike and here are the 5 pairs which have been trending this year so far:

  • Nike Zoom X Vapour Fly: These are the best shoes that you can get for long running or marathon. This is an athlete class shoe and was specially designed for Eliud Kipchoge when he was determined to break the two hours marathon barrier. The shoes have an embedded carbon plate and that is what give the wearer a springy effect and provides the cushioning on the feet. The sole is slightly chipped off at the ends and this is to reduce some time lost by the runner. The shoes were not easily available earlier and were very less in stock and very high in demand initially but these eventually were forerunners for many other nike shoes.
  • Nike Kyrie 3: This was the major investment of the swoosh brand and it turned out to a very good deal for them because this was the shoe that was not only stylish but also durable and really light weighed. The product went on to be donned by many famous celebrities throughout the world.
  • Nike Air Max 97: The product finally caught everyone’s eye when it was revamped with the new shades and a few other tweaks which made it not only more efficient but also more attractive to wear. The shoes were a Christian Tresser design and were designed almost 2 decades ago. Every fan of Air Max has a totally different design in terms of shades and soles that they like. This particular product made it big throughout the world due to the comfort and ease it offers to the owners.
  • Nike Vapour Max: When finally, this product was launched for the public after being exhibited at the innovation summit 2016, there was a product for the nike lovers which was, well Nike as you say and very much attractive. It quickly made its way in the preferred pieces of fashionistas and this was the shoe which looked very fabulous with casual wear and company along with others believe in the time to come it will carve out a category of its own.
  • Nike Lab Zoom Fly SP: This was released in limited numbers and quickly took up to sales in large numbers because of their comfort and the futuristic design. The simple yet elegant shade makes it all the more attractive.

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