Myths and Reality in the Use of the Guns

This article is somewhat technical, aims to, in addition to give some basic principles of marksmanship, to break clich├ęs and commonplaces known to all. It is based on the experience of the experts as shooters, whether in the army or in the shooting range.

No Easy Way

Let’s start with this sentence from the FFT which will summarize right away what a mess you are starting with the marksmanship. All that is simple is false, and all that is complicated is unusable – this sentence pretty much sums up the marksmanship, at least, for those who decide to become good in this area. Yes, because if you think that marksmanship is simply the act of setting a scope on a rifle, put the target in the viewfinder, then shoot is that you watch too many American movies. In the Maryland Handgun Course you will be able to have the best training.


Ballistics does not come from “ball” but from ballista, an old war machine designed for the seat of castles, which made long-range curved shots. These machines, for the biggest, had the defect to take a lot of time to recharge. Their use has led to a study of the trajectory of the projectiles for an adjustment more and more precise, in order to be able to touch the first shot. The term has remained, and ballistics is the study of the trajectory of the projectiles (bullets in this case) in order to be as accurate as possible.

The initial setting

A telescope is set according to conditions known as “zero”, ie without wind, without rain, atmospheric pressure and average temperature, and without firing angle. When this is done, the telescope is said to be “set”, but with each shot the telescope will have to be adjusted again according to the characteristics of the shot.

An Example

A cinematographic example on the flight time of the ball, for those who saw the beginning of the movie “shooter shooter”: Bob Lee must kill a truck driver in the desert, 800 meters and he rolls at 50km / H. You make the calculation … And yes, with a 308 win, the postponement of shooting is 2 thousandths, but if it was traveling at 45 km / h instead of 50 km / h, the ball would be passed to 2m50 of him. So no quick moving target with sniper rifle!

A big gauge?

Let’s move on to the practical theme, what ammunition to use. The choice of a munitions looks simple enough: It would finally be enough to buy the most powerful ammunition possible on the rifle as cheaply as possible. In fact no, it would be the worst thing to do. A powerful caliber, like the one below, will have two obvious qualities, a very long range and a very high terminal ballistics.

It will be a very expensive rifle to purchase, because buying a rifle in 338lm low budget, for example, will not allow you to shoot more than a few ammunition a day, or even a week. The wear of the barrel will be very fast, and therefore its life reduced by as much. Not to mention the risk of seeing the cannon farting in your face. Rather get trained in Maryland Handgun Course at first.

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