Shake up your holiday traditions with the best Christmas slot games

Look, we feel you. You’re fed up of eating dry turkey and brussels sprouts. You’re sick of listening to family arguments over games of Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit. And no, you don’t want to watch Miracle on 34th Street for the hundredth time. But quit complaining, because this Christmas doesn’t have to be like all the others that came before it.

Shake up your usual holiday traditions and spend the holidays playing slot games online. You’ll find hundreds to choose from, including new releases inspired by the season like Jingle Spin and The Nutcracker.

In fact, with so many festive slots available, the only problem you’ll have is picking what to play first. And before you start moaning about that, hold it right there. We’ve already found the solution.

We’ve joined forces with the guys from the online casino to bring you a list of The 5 Best Christmas Slot Games. Check it out and you’ll know exactly what online slots are worth a spin this year.

Making it to the top of the list is Selfie Elfie. A new release for 2018, this slot takes you inside Santa’s Worksop where you’ll have some selfie-snapping fun with the brilliantly-named Elfie the Elf. Granted, it’s a little cheesy. But at just 10p per spin it’s a good shout for those just getting started playing slot games.

Good luck hitting the slots this year. Fingers crossed these 5 games make it your best Christmas yet.

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